Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

In accordance with the WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU), all European Aviat Networks products are marked with the symbol shown at the right. This symbol indicates that the marked equipment should be collected separately for recovery and/or recycling.


Aviat has a network of partners across Europe that handles the recovery and recycling of WEEE materials. Aviat will take back all new waste, defined as waste placed on the market after 13 August 2005. Regulations related to historical WEEE vary by country but generally place a responsibility on producers to take back waste on a one-for-one basis if new equipment is purchased. Please contact Aviat for guidance on your specific circumstances.

The end user is responsible for arranging and financing shipment of WEEE to Aviat’s chosen treatment facilities, as per Aviat Networks terms and conditions of business.

For details about Aviat’s European treatment facilities, please contact Ruth French at +44 1698 717200.

If your product was purchased via a distributor, please contact the distributor for information regarding collection and recovery/recycling.

The Aviat Networks treatment facility in the United Kingdom (UK) is:

Belmont Trading UK Ltd
Byrehill Place 1
KA13 6LD

UK WEEE arrangements

When WEEE materials are transferred to Belmont Trading UK Ltd, a waste transfer note must be completed.

Licensed waste carriers

One of the following three licensed waste carriers should be used to transport the WEEE to Belmont Trading UK Ltd.

Please note that Belmont Trading UK Ltd requires consent from Aviat Networks before shipping and/or treating WEEE materials.

Please contact Aviat Networks with details of the WEEE intended to be returned so that we may authorize treatment of the relevant WEEE. Email to ruth.french@aviatnet.com.

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